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July 2010 Paper presented at ENHR Conference

Bev James and Kay Saville-Smith presented a paper at the European Network for Housing Research (ENHR) 22nd International Housing Research Conference 4-7 July 2010, Istanbul.

The paper is titled “Older People’s Home Repairs and Maintenance: Ageing Well in Place in New Zealand”. This paper considers the role of house condition, comfort and safety in assisting older people to stay in their own homes and connect to their communities. It includes data from the 2008 national survey of Older People’s Home Repairs and Maintenance. 1,600 people aged 65 years and over participated in the survey, which asked about participants’ perceptions of the comfort, safety and condition of their homes and their renovations, modifications, maintenance and repair investments. The paper also presents qualitative data from two community case studies on older people’s perceptions of the condition and performance of their home, their maintenance and repairs practices and issues, their reasons for moving house, and their aspirations for independent living in the future. Home maintenance and repairs issues identified by providers of services to older people are also discussed.

The paper available on this website is a copy of the paper given at the ENHR 2010 conference.