Good Homes for Good Lives.

Goodhomes Supports Kawerau and District Ageing in Place Incorporated

Goodhomes supports KADAP (Kawerau and District Ageing in Place incorporated), a community-based solution supporting older people to age well and safely in their homes and communities. Although support models that help older people to continue living independently in their homes are operating overseas, KADAP was developed to meet local needs, and is unique in New Zealand. Goodhomes provided some of the evidence base to help the development of KADAP.


Research shows that organisations overseas operating support models deliver a variety of social and economic benefits for their members, including:

  • Improved ability to access needed services
  • Improved management of health conditions
  • Ability to access services at reduced cost
  • Opportunity for companionship, social engagement and support
  • Enabling older people to participate in meaningful roles, e.g. helping others
  • Improved safety and security, e.g. trips and falls hazards removed from dwellings
  • Improved mobility
  • Peace of mind for relatives of the older person, particularly those living at a distance
  • Increased ability to ‘age in place’ and delay in moving to residential care.

For more information see the atatched pamphlet from KADAP KADAP Brochure Final